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Äntligen en äkta 800 från SAB!

Making a comparison with Urukay Genesis, the famous model developed to win in the F3C category, here are the main differences:
* Longer boom that will enable the use of 800mm blades.
* 3-Bladed tail rotor in order to give the correct authority.
* Rigid transmission module with longer main shaft
* Aggressive graphic scheme
These are the characteristics of the Urukay Maverick, an important model, prestigious, and perfect for an exciting, powerful and realistic flight… The sound of the 800mm blades is amazing!
( the KIT includes the simulation of the side missiles )

• AIRFRAME weight: 4250gr (with blades, no battery, no electronics)
• Main blade length: 2x 800mm
• Tail blade length: 3x 115
• Main rotor diameter: 1768 mm (with 800 mm blades included)
• Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm (with 115 mm tail blades included)
• Cyclic Servos: standard size 40mm
• Tail Servo: standard size 40mm.
• Main Rotor ratio: 11.8 to 8.4 (21T included: 10.1:1)
• Tail Rotor ratio: 5.0-4.8:1 (26T included: 4.9:1)
• Typical motor: 4530 series
• Typical speed controller: 12S, 160-200 A
• Battery size: 12S 5500 mAh.