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Äntligen släpper SAB en liten RAW!

The new RAW 580 use the same module from Kraken 580.
-Incredible strong Power train enclosed in aluminum case,
-Ultra light 7075 aluminum alloy highly adjustable rotor head with super simple Tail group,
-Aluminum Boom 30 mm
-Easy maintenance
-Main blades up to 600mm.
-AIRFRAME weight: 1740gr ( with S580 blades, no battery, no electronics )
-Main blade length: 550mm to 600mm
-Tail blade length: 95 to 105 mm
-Main rotor diameter: 1290 mm (with 580 mm blades included)
-Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm (with 95 mm tail blades included)
-Cyclic Servos: mini cyclic servo (torque over 8 Kg-cm). Kit includes servo mounts for mini-servos. Full size servo mounts available separately.
-Tail Servo: standard size 40mm.
-Main Rotor ratio : 11.5 to 8.6 :1 ( 22T included: 9.4:1)
-Tail Rotor ratio : 5.3-4.9:1 ( 23T included: 4.9:1 )
-Typical motor : 4025 series, 6S 1000-1200 Kv, 12S 500-600 Kv. Minimum motor shaft length is 26mm (We recommend using a 6mm diameter motor shaft)
-Typical speed controller: 6S 120-140 A, 12S 100-130A
-Battery size: 6S 5000/5800 mAh, 12S 2600/3200 mAh.