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Developed and tuned by World Champion Helicopter Master, Kyle Dahl
Global 3D Competition Winning Servo.
Ultra High Responsive cyclic algorithm software.
Quick release cable that allows easy and quick installation for all helicopters.
Brushless motor design provides extremely high speed, top efficiency, and low power consumption.
4096 resolution and SIC (Single Integrated Circuit) for the highest performance and durability.
All Aluminum case for the best thermal dissipation and durability.
Strong Metal Gear
Sophisticated error correction
High-Speed, High-precision 12-bit AD converter and CPU calculation
Fail safe
Over current protection
Over temperature protection
Start sonorant
Operating frequency up to 400Hzhs-6402-hv-_kd1_-2.jpg
Type: Standard
Power Supply: 6.0V~8.4V
Speed (sec/ 60°): @6.0V: .086 sec/60° @7.4V: .07 sec/60° @8.4V: .062 sec/60°
Torque (kg/cm): @6.0V: 21.43 kg-cm @7.4V: 26.43 kg-cm @8.4V: 30.00 kg-cm
Dimensions: 40×37.80×20 mm
Weight: 72g
2x Servo Cable black (100 & 200 mm) included
Range: up to 400Hz
Center Position: 1520us
Applications: Helicopter Cyclic
Gear Set P/N: XGS7232S

TOTAL CONTROL BY XPERT SERVOSxpert-servokyle-dahl-2.jpg
Xpert RC offers the highest performance servos for RC helicopters. It is an all brushless design with full metal gears. It covers all classes for your RC helicopter fleet from 250 to 880. The top notch craftsmanship will catch eyes as soon as you open the box. The truly amazing experience starts when you fly and control the helicopter with Xpert servos. Precision, speed, torque, and super crisp feeling will make your RC helicopter experience to a whole new level.

Xpert RC has been working with the World Champion Helicopter Master, Kyle Dahl. Kyle is deeply involved to develop our latest helicopter servo, the KD1. Using the industry leading Xpert R1 platform, we created a completely new control algorithm for an ultra-responsive feel that is tailor made for championship level 3D flying.xpert-servos-kyle-dahl-2.jpg
The result is the Xpert KD1, which Kyle just used to win the Master’s Class at the 2017 Global 3D Competition!

Every Xpert servo is a piece of art work.On top of it’s ultra high performance, it looks simply beautiful on your helicopter. All Xpert servos are built within a CNC machined aluminum center case for maximum strength & durability.The SM and R1 Series utilize full aluminum design to create the most eye catching outlook at the flight line.