THETA HELI SET 3x THS921 / 1x THM982


Kan restnoteras



THETA Helicopter Set 3x THS921 (23mm) for swashplate and the THM982 (35mm) for tail

The field of application of the servo set is for helicopters from 450 to 500 size.

THETA THM921 23mm Coreless swashplate servo:


Motor Coreless
Operating Voltage
6V to 8,4V

at max. 1,7A current consumption

Speed at 6V 0,110 (sec/60°)
Speed at 7,4V 0,090 (sec/60°)
Speed at 8,4V 0,080 (sec/60°)

Torque at 6V
5,8 (kg/cm)
Torque at 7,4V 6,8 (kg/cm)
Torque at 8,4V 7,5 (kg/cm)

Weight 21g
Dimensions (mm) 23x12x27,4mm
Neutral pulse (factory-made) 1520µs

Working Frequency 50-400Hz
Output toothing 25T Ø 4,9mm

THETA THM982 Brushless HV Servo

The application range of the servo is versatile from helicopter tail servo in 450-600 midi size, in function models, as a throttle servo, rudder servo in shipbuilding, large aircraft and in a variety of different RC cars.


Motor Brushless
Operating Voltage
5V to 8,4V

with max. 2.3 current consumption
Speed at 5V 0,080 (sec/60°)
Speed at 6V 0,070 (sec/60°)
Speed at 7,4V 0,060 (sec/60°)
Speed at 8,4V 0,050 (sec/60°)

Torque at 5V 6 (kg/cm)
Torque at 6V 7 (kg/cm)
Torque at 7,4V 8 (kg/cm)
Torque at 8,4V 9 (kg/cm)

Weight 42g
Dimensions (mm) 35x15x31mm
Neutral pulse (factory-made) 760µs

Working Frequency 50-400Hz
Output toothing 25T Ø 5,9mm
(Nexspor, Futaba
Align, BK, Savöx