Scorpion Backup Guard II


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This New Backup Guard II is much stronger than its predecessor, with many new features as well!

One new extraordinary feature is the Charge Mode. This means that the Backup Guard II can charge up the Backup Battery, with balancing, while it is operating. Charging rate will be 0.5A. This means you will no longer need to charge the Backup Battery ever again!

The Backup Guard II is now only the “Power Board” and you can connect your own size of 2s Lipo with JST-XHR Connector.

The Backup Guard II provides DC 5V with 10Amp Output, which is enough to land the aircraft if the ESC/BEC has some failure.

The Second-generation of Backup Guard II has 4 LED that will indicate the status.

-Charging mode.

-BEC lower than 5.5V.


Weight : 10grams (without battery)

Dimension: 44mm x 25.2mm x 10.5mm

Li-Po inpit: 2S/7.4V (500~1000mah)

Output: DC 5V/ 10 Amp Continues Current.

Charging Plug: JST-XHR

Weight including packaging 15g

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