PNP-version, komplettera med Gyro/Mottagare samt batteri.

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The M4 MAX is a completely different approach to the tried and true M4 airframe in a sleek new design. Swinging 420mm blades, the MAX brings a much lower disk loading to the table, enabling smoother and more dynamic flying styles with a much floatier feeling. The M4 MAX does in no way replace the regular M4, but rather ventures into new and exciting flight envelopes.
Three new canopies with tri-colored paint designs, combined with white skids and a large carbon tail boom, give the M4 MAX excellent visibility in all conditions. With M4 MAX, you can easily swap canopies without changing any frame parts, too!
The new tail boom and tail case enable usage of a wider belt to appropriately power the tail, which performs just as amazingly well as the M4’s. Dynamic weights reduce yaw servo loads even further.
All this is driven by the over 30% larger, more powerful SUNNYSKY R8110 185KV main motor, which is able to produce enormous torque at both low and high RPMs. You will never run out of motor power with the M4 MAX!
Together with the OMPHOBBY 6S 2000mAh 70C batteries, which provide 3 minutes of 3D flying and up to 15 minutes of sports flying, the all-up weight of the M4 MAX will be around 1500g.

OMPHOBBY M4 MAX PNP version content:

– M4 MAX Heli (not assembled)
– direct drive main Motor R8110 185KV
– RotorTech 420 Ultimate Rotorblades
– Tailrotorblades
– 3x Swashplate Servo DS2312C
– 1x Tail Servo 35mm DS3515T
– ESC 85A