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Size (width x length x height):
29,6 x 36,8 x 14,2 mm
Weight:12,2 g

13 Connections:9 Gold-plated servo type three pole JR/Futaba male connectors, with 11 signals connections (7 input and/or 7 output) and 8 servo power bus connections 1 SYS four poles JST connector (GND, TX, RX, +V) capable to power internally the unit or an external accessory (Wireless Dongle) 1 On board micro USB connector capable to power internally the Unit 2 SAT three pole JST connectors with 3,3V output (2 input and/or 2 output)

Serial input for every receiver Brand with very low latency method:
Spektrum: New bidirectional SRXL v2 (with telemetry) / Bidirectional SRXL (with telemetry) / Unidirectional SRXL / DSM2 22mS / DSM2 11mS / DSMX 11mS / PPM / Remote RX
Futaba: S.Bus2 (with telemetry) / S.Bus / PPM
Jeti: EX-BUS (with telemetry) / UDI / PPM+ / PPM-
Graupner: SUMD (with telemetry) / SUMO
Multiplex: SRXL + MSB (with telemetry)
FrSky: S.Bus + Smart.Port (with telemetry) / F.Port (with telemetry) / F.Port2 (with telemetry) / F.Bus (with telmetry) / S.Bus
JR: X-Bus B
Hitec: S.Bus
RadioLink: S.Bus
TBS: Crossfire (with telemetry) / S.Bus / PPM
ELRS: Crossfire (with telemetry)
FlySky: i-Bus

For Electric, Nitro, Gasser
Governor rotor speed control range: 800-6500 RPM
Autorotation Bailout function (fast RPM recovery from a failed autorotation manoeuvre)
Telemetry input:
From ESC on electric models:
Castle Creation, Hobbywing, Align, Scorpion, Kontronik, YGE, Spektrum,FrSky,OMP

From Temperature sensors on Nitro / Gasser / Turbine models:
Jeti, Futaba

From RPM Sensors:
All sensor brand
Possibility to monitor separately also the RPM of the tail motor
From Variometer (Altitude, Vertical Speed):
Jeti on SAT2 connector
FrSky, Futaba, Robbe, Graupner sensors on Bus

Quality Of Signal (QOS) received:
For all receivers brand

Quality of Servo Voltage input:
For all kind of Power input: ESC BEC, external/separate BEC, 2S Lipos/Li-Ion/Li-Fe/NiCd/NiMh, Backup Power Systems

Telemetry output:
Spektrum, Futaba, Jeti, Graupner, Multiplex, OpenTX, EdgeTX, Ethos, TBS, ELRS, FlySky

Power input:
Between 4,5V to 15V with one or two (redundant) lines from BEC or 2S Li-Po (7.4V) or 2S Li-Ion (7.4V) or 2S Li-Fe (6.6V) or 5/6/7 NiCd -NiMh

7 Servos/ESC outputs. Of which 5 are fully programmable from 50 to 560Hz (also for cyclic control)
Auto Diagnosis at each power on:
With result by LED flashes
With result by initial Swashplate movements
With result in Events logs
Diagnostic logs:
More than 50 different parameters can be recorded during flights
Vibrations are also logged during flights
More than 50 different types of Events are monitored and automatically logged during flights
Already included “on board”:
Status LED, USB on board

Parameters setup / regulation:
Via apps in English, Deutsch, Francois, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish (with the possibility to add, edit, share other languages):
Windows, MAC (with emulators), Linux (with emulators), Android,iOS

Via “Integrations” menu:
Spektrum, Jeti, Graupner, OpenTX, EdgeTX, Ethos, Crossfire (ELRS/TBS)

Via dedicated transmitters channels (dials):
In addition to the radio channel dedicated to tail gain, up to other three radio channels can be assigned to one of the 51 internal parameters of the unit
Swashplates: 90°, 120°, 135°, 140°, 4 servos, Tandem rotors

Included in the package:
1x Brain2
1x Servo cable for serial RX connection
2x Double-sided adhesive
1x ‘Safety Notes’ leaflet

Please download for free the latest software after purchase from “Downloads“. Updates can be handled automatically for free by the software after first installation.
Visit Release Notes under “HELP” menu of the BRAIN Software after each update.