Goblin Buddy


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Goblin Buddy has a 380mm blade length.
The project is based on the old Goblin 380 and introduces some important new features:
• new shape to make it more stylish
• new canopy scheme to increase the visibility
• new wider landing gear to make taking off and landing more stable
• new 1.5mm frames for increased rigidity
• new battery-ESC position to optimize the CG.
The bestselling Goblin 380, now improved with new features to make this model simpler, stronger, more stable and more reliable than ever before, it’s the perfect machine to have a lot of fun!

Blade size 380mm
Weight 1075gr
Lipo 6s 1500-2600mah

Needed accessorys:
Cyclic Servos Micro size 23 mm
Tail Servo Mini size 36 mm
Typical speed controller 60 – 90 A
Maximum motor size 41 mm diameter x 41 mm height
Motor KV 850-1000KV
Battery compartment 44x44x130 mm
Battery capacity 6S 1500/2600 mAh
Available ratios From 5.0 to 6.3