#05492 Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor, LOGO 200


Äntligen en liten strömsensor till Logo200!

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Current/Voltage/Capacitysensor for VBar Control

Hardware Features of the Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor for flight packs

Plug & play version with XT30 connectors and sensor wire, perfect fit for LOGO 200
No influence from motor or current carrying wires
Sensor wire attached
Software Features

Direct displaying from voltage and capacity
Max. current and min. voltage storage
Logfile data from the flight
Battery Logbook with names
Adjustable capacity, residual capacity and voltage for each battery
Residual capacity is shown as bar in the radio display
Overdischarge Warning
Warning at use of not fully charged batteries
Loud speaker announcement for reducing battery capacity

Requires a VBar with Spektrum Satellite connectors (telemetry bus for VBar Control)
extracted capacities are not added up, measurement only on a per-flight basis