#05062 Conversion Kit VBar NEO to VBar NEO VLink


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Conversion Kit VBar NEO to VBar NEO VLink

Case for VBar NEO including 180 mm 2.4 GHz antenna wires
For the 2nd hardware generation
04945/46 VBar NEO 6.1 Express (with antenna connectors on the main board)

VBar NEOs of the 1st hardware generation can not be converted.
For those devices, please use VBar Control RX Satellite 04882 and connecting cable 04977.

You can identify devices of the 2nd generation in ’My Devices’ at www.vstab.info/devices, by the addition of (no VLink) or (VLink).
Devices of the 1st generation do not yet have that addition yet.
The change took place around serial no. 20007500, from here on please check for the addition and the internals (s. above).

To enable the receiver function, please purchase the Crossgrade from our App Store, which you can access through the VBar Control Manager, with the device connected and powered up (boot plug must be present).
If the Crossgrade is not available for your device, you have a device which can not be converted.
Also, you can buy the Crossgrade for (no VLink) devices only, so you can not accidentally purchase it for a device which already is VLink.